BSC Article Footer Plugin Download

Version 0.3.0

If you have any issues or have found a bug, please email .

Version History

10/19/2012 0.1.0 - Initial Release
10/21/2012 0.2.0 - Tweaked it to use Joomla! Language files
11/18/2012 0.2.1 - (BUG FIX) Footer wasn't saving HTML formatting
03/10/2013 0.2.2 - (FEATURE REQUEST) Gives you the option of turn on or off the plugin on the Featured Article view
05/04/2013 0.2.3 - (FEATURE REQUEST) Turn the plugin on for Select categories only
08/23/2013 0.2.4 - (LANGUAGE FIX) Show on Home Page only works for Featured Articles, fixed label to clarify. Also, it's been tested on Joomla! 3.1.
08/25/2015 0.3.0 - (FEATURE REQUEST) Gives option to view on Category Blog and now uses Joomla! Extension Updater.

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